Types of Run, Visualized

I did a Google search for types of run. The results were all verbose. Why not visualize it so that you have it all in one page rather than having to scroll through multiple pages of text? The following chart is a result of this thought:

Please note:

  1. X axis: Distance in KM. Typically, you would take your long run distance as a base for your other runs.
  2. Y axis: Scale representing the effort you put in the respective run. I could have used a different measure such as pace. But the problem with such a measure is that it will not be same for runners running at differing levels of difficulty. For example, your 5K pace would be different than mine. Here, 10 would be the speed at which you can run if, say, you are chased by a rabid bull-dog.
  3. Explanation: Let me explain one of the runs: Progression. I usually do a 400m of warm up in the beginning and 400m of cool-down in the end at a scale of 4. This scale corresponds to the pace at which I would be jogging. Next 3KM I ran at a scale of 6 which is my natural pace. Next 2.5KM I run at a scale of 7.5 which would be my 10K pace. The final 2KM before the cool-down I run at my target race pace.

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